As the holidays are fast approaching our minds have started to drift from work to what we’ll be doing for a break. Watch this video to help break any bad habits you may have and improve your productivity.

In this video, Entrepreneur Network partner Brian Tracy explains a group of habits that can kill your productivity. The seven worst are:

  1. Failing to plan out your day. If you do not create a blueprint for your day, you will be more tempted to fill your day with distractions and meaningless activities.
  2. No self-discipline. If you push yourself on a more regular basis, the strength of your self-discipline will also improve.
  3. Consistently sleeping in. Tracy says taking advantage of the morning “golden hours” is the easiest way to imrpove your productivity.
  4. Wasting time online. If possible, try to keep your electronics and the temptation of the internet in another room.
  5. Not prioritizing. As American author Mark Twain put it, start your day by eating the frog.
  6. Complaining. Think about if any one time your complaining has lead to success? Probably not.
  7. Not chasing your dreams. Don’t let fear of failure stop. (Watch the Video Here)

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