Instagram for Lead Generation
Instagram is probably not the platform most people would think of first for lead generation. A few years back, someone told Jenn that lead generation wouldn’t work on Instagram. Jenn thought, “Challenge accepted.” She knew it could be done but she’d never put a solid method behind it before. She decided to make it her mission to show people that they could do it.

The reason it works is that Instagram is so good at driving high-quality traffic. You don’t get a lot of traffic from Instagram but because users have to first see the content, read the caption, click on the link in the bio, and then get to that destination, they’ve already taken three or four steps to get there—which means they genuinely want to be there.

You’re more likely to get a high-quality conversion, which is how you get people to sign up for webinars or registrations, do the downloads, get on your email list, and so on. You get those high-level conversions from a platform like Instagram. (Continue Reading Here)

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